Toma Belev is leaving Bulgaria

Toma Belev is leaving Bulgaria
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These glad tidings come from his Facebook profile. The ecologist fancying himself as an omnipotent specialist wants to leave the country as soon as possible and go as far as he can. Overjoyed by the news, social network users were quick to organize themselves and collect money to buy him a ticket to the farthest possible destination. The nominations include Cape Horn, Ushuaia and the Kuril Islands. Some propose the Mariana Trench but he would need to catch a boat to get there.

It is suspected that Belev’s reason for leaving the country is the overruling of the veto imposed by the President on the ban on wild camping. With the exception of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), all parties in the parliament firmly support the legislative changes aimed at regulating the placement of tents and parking of camper vans on seaside beaches and dunes.

Apart from BSP, wild camping is also supported by Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSP) and Democratic Bulgaria (DB). The pseudo-Rights and the Lefts attempted to change the law through media pressure and protests and keep the old situation where anyone (in this case, mainly green activists) may pitch a tent or park a camper van anywhere without paying a dime.

It remains to be seen who will replace Toma Belev in the Association of Parks after his quick departure to a remote destination where he will stay for a long time.

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