The Greens brought African swine fever

The Greens brought African swine fever
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NGOs opposed amendments to the law

In 2017 wild hogs swam across the Danube and entered Bulgaria carrying African swine fever to the areas bordering the river. Then the United Patriots proposed amendments to the Hunting Act, reminds the National Association Bulgarian Black Sea (NABBS).

“The amendments are directed towards preventive measures against the spread of African swine fever in Bulgaria. The proposed lighter regime for hunting wild hogs would stop its entry from Romania through the Danube. The “ecologists” represented at the parliamentary session by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and Toma Belev from the Association of Parks in Bulgaria strongly opposed the amendments and they were rejected. Rumen Porozhanov, then Minister of Agriculture and Food, yielded to the suggestions of the Greens,” says NABBS.

On 24 April 2018, the Association informed the public with a press release about the actions of “the ecologists”. A year later tens of thousands of pigs were euthanized.

“Apart from the economic impact, we may be facing an ecological crisis. The buried cadavers may contaminate ground waters. The problem with the African swine fever grew into a national disaster,” claims NABBS and publishes again the warning from a year ago.

Green NGOs lead by Toma Belev opposed draft amendments to the Hunting Act concerning the preventive measures against African swine fever in the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture.

“We proposed to enforce this law last year… The environmental organizations, however, prevailed… Under the pressure of Mr. Toma Belev, who participated in the Committee on Agriculture and made various suggestions, some of the colleagues from the ruling majority of GERB changed their mind and did not support the law at first reading,” says Aleksandar Sabanov, member of the parliament from the party of United Patriots, in front of Nova Television.

In September 2017 the United Patriots proposed an amendment to the Hunting and Game Conservation Act. The amendment foresaw hunting parties to control the population of wild hogs in Bulgaria via hunting out of season which could contribute to the prevention of the African swine fever epidemic advancing from Romania.

Now the country will spend taxpayer money to build a fence along the land border with Romania. The Parliament is forced to urgently adopt the amendments to the Hunting Act already proposed by the United Patriots in September 2017. Regardless of the “green fever” the country puts effort in protecting the pigs of the village residents from destruction and the pig farms from closure.

Two years ago, Toma Belev protested against the construction of a fence between Bulgaria and Turkey with the argument that animals need to be free to move across the border. If then the ruling majority had listened to the green ideas, today at least 40 to 50 thousand sheep and goats in Strandzha would have been euthanized.

There was an outbreak of ovine rinder pest in Strandzha – the mountain so fiercely protected by “conservationists” dressed in traditional costumes and driving fancy vehicles!!! No comment or fever-green cynicism? Whatever the general public chooses, they are leading a cynical antinational policy.

More than 13 years ago the Biodiversity Foundation was paid more than a million levs to prepare a management plan for Strandzha Nature Park. Today there is not such a plan in evidence, while the money has vanished. Ovine rinderpest, however, is a fact. And the disease is protected by “green environmental activists” paid in green money!

Unfortunately, these are the facts. The country must be very careful to stay away from the green fever, because once you catch it, there is no getting rid of it.

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