Bansko: 11 years of “green” diversion against the world-class tourist destination


The skiers are waiting 2 – 3 hours on the queue for the cable car
More than 10 000 people celebrated New Year in the resort

For 11 years now, pseudo-ecologists have been stopping the development of the only established world-class winter resort in Bulgaria – Bansko. A crowd of thousands of nervous skiers is the next proof of the insane “green” racketeering, writes Trud.

In the peak of the winter season the skiers in Bansko are queuing for kilometers and waiting for hours to get to the ski slopes.

More than 10 thousand guests arrive at the winter resort for the holidays and the winter break of the children. The town is shiny, the hotels are excellent, but there is only one cable car that cannot service the influx of skiers. The people are not happy, but they stand and wait. It takes between two and three hours to get to the dreamed cabin.

This winter, the day before New Year’s, people were also queuing for the lift on the way back because the ski road was closed. The queue was four columns thick and kilometers long. Now the influx of skiers is a bit reduced, but it is again a 2-hour wait.

“It is a shame to live in the 21st century and have no second cable car. All western resorts have several cable cars. And here we don’t have a simple rope line,” comment the queuing skiers.

“The greens should mind their own business. People are more important. We want to ski; we don’t want to ruin our mountain. How can we harm it?” asked some agitated men.

“The access to the ski zone must be opened. This is in the name of the people and tourism. We all win from it. This year what are we going to tell our regular guests from abroad? They are constantly asking us what’s wrong with this country and why they have to wait on queues again. This is not normal. As much as they appreciate us, one day these tourists will simply leave and never come back. On top of that they will tell others that our country is mad.” This is the comment of the hotel owners in Bansko.

“Thirty or so green pseudo-ecologists are pushing us around. This is not right, it’s not normal,” say the people on the streets of the resort town.

The residents of Bansko are also irritated. They remind that they have been protesting for years and have even gone to the capital, on the yellow pavement. Yet there are no results.

The angry locals say that only the western resorts win from this situation, because they do not have such problems.

The prospect of having a second cable car sank in laws, interpretations, paragraphs, law paradoxes, disputes, discussions and even lies, and became so entangled that the people do not really understand what prevents the implementation of such an investment in the biggest and most beautiful Bulgarian winter resort.

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