Petko Kovachev: We must crush the red bastards, including Mayama

Petko Kovachev: We must crush the red bastards, including Mayama
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“We must tramp on the red bastards, including Mayama.” The executive director of the Institute for Green Policy Petko Kovachev, a prominent activist from Democratic Bulgaria and Belev’s Greens, posted this in his Facebook profile. Here is the whole post:

“The poisonous trio has conveniently forgotten about these things. They will apologize for being wherever they were – in Varna, Hamburg or f**k knows where. And so, it is up to us, the ones who remember, to crush the red bastards, including Mayama. And no, Hristo Ivanov, no nonsense such as speculations that we will enter a coalition with the ones in the parliament must be propagated. The only winning strategy is “we know what we must do to pull Bulgaria up from the bottom and we know how to do it.” For this purpose, however, the madness with the quotas for the rolls I am hearing of must stop. There are no parties-fundaments of the Union. We need enough decent people that cannot be bought to enter the parliament.

“Actually “yesterday’s success was for yesterday”! Maybe everyone should repeat this in front of the mirror for “good morning.””


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