Toma Belev is abusing verbally a woman on Facebook

The eco-activist Belev, who is the face of a group of people looking for every possible way to settle in the government and acting as moral police, abused verbally a woman on Facebook. The ... Прочетете още →

A ”green boss” hid from the Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (CIAF) a property bought from Sofia Municipality for BGN 129 000

Vladislav Panev was the only participant in the tender of Sofia Investment Agency (SIA) for the ground floor in entrance 1 of block 214 in Mladost. Vladislav Panev, co-chair of the ... Прочетете още →

Petko Kovachev: We must crush the red bastards, including Mayama

“We must tramp on the red bastards, including Mayama.” The executive director of the Institute for Green Policy Petko Kovachev, a prominent activist from Democratic Bulgaria and ... Прочетете още →

Toma Belev’s racketeering of private hunting farms turned into a hunt of hunters

Instead of applying regulations and control, the green activist is on his way to ban hunting in private hunting farms   Last week Toma Belev distributed in the social network monstrous ... Прочетете още →

Toma Belev posts questionable photos of killed mountain goats

Photos of questionable authenticity of 14 dead mountain goats were circulated yesterday evening in the social networks. The statement is that the photos were taken in Pirin National ... Прочетете още →

Гергьовден в хотел Royal Castle Design & SPA – неустоимо премиум предложение Ultra All – Inclusive за цялото семейство

Екипът на петзвездното бижу на Българското  Черноморие  Royal Castle Design & SPA отново е подготвил истински ... Прочетете още →

The end of the green racketeering is coming

Supreme judges seise the Constitutional Court because of Natura 2000 drafted by “the ecologists” The end of the green racketeering in Bulgaria is drawing near, after a panel of ... Прочетете още →

“Scandal”: The green Vladislav Panev skipped the vote on Saborna Street

The games in the Municipal Council of Sofia never end. Vladislav Panev, a municipal councillor from Democratic Bulgaria and co-chair of the Green Movement, stands apart as a very experienced ... Прочетете още →

Водна криза на „Елените“ за настъпващия летен сезон – защото общината е мащеха или не само?

Курортен комплекс „Елените“, както и туристически и други обекти в близост, са без питейна вода ... Прочетете още →

The greens and one of their organizations ruined the European funding of Struma Motorway

This week the parliament decided to reallocate European funding from the Struma Motorway project to the building of 32 kilometres of the Europe Motorway. The construction of Europe ... Прочетете още →

Brown bears: the new money-box of the ecologists

The new campaign of WWF-Bulgaria involves the rescue of brown bears through their capture and transportation to a safe place in the wild. After counting geese, spiders, unseen eagles ... Прочетете още →

The father of the boss of The Greens Vladislav Panev was a State Security agent

Pancho Panev worked for the communist service under the alias “Rose”   The father of the co-chair of the Green Party Vladislav Panev proved to be a former State Security agent. According ... Прочетете още →

Ivo Prokopiev’s pool in Budzhaka turned out to be illegal

The pool and the fence of Ivo Prokopiev in Budzhaka are illegal, according to a report of the Prosecutor’s Office. Sozopol Municipality was seised after an inspection ordered by the ... Прочетете още →

The ecologist Toma Belev is also attacking construction sites “meters away from nature parks”

Toma Belev is probably competing for the prize Ecologist of the Ecologists because a report of his for “encroachment on nature” is oriented towards an approved construction project ... Прочетете още →

A signal to PIK: Bosses of the Green cooking barbeque in an eco-village with European money (a shocking photo)

Bosses of the green are cooking barbeque at an eco-school, shocked witnesses of the ugly scene report, wondering why people, who call themselves ecologists, light fires in the middle ... Прочетете още →

Kovachev: The awaited resolution for Bulgaria is a product of the extreme socialists and the “green”.

The motion for resolution for Bulgaria which will be discussed on October 5 in the European Parliament (EP) is a product of the extreme socialists and the “green”. The resolution ... Прочетете още →
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